Itely Hairfashion Experience

You have got to have passion, because everything done enthusiastically is done well

Itely Hairfashion history from 1987 to 2007

This year signed another step to the International success that Itely Hairfashion gets everyday all over the world

Hollywood loves Itely

The 2009 Emmy Awards, the Oscars for the U.S. television productions, Itely Hairfashion have chosen as the official supplier of the event

Brand book Worldwide communication

Giving value to the brand and consolidate the positive experience between all trading partners. With this in mind Itely Hairfashion has created the BRAND BOOK. This precious digital manual provides guidelines for proper use of the brand and logo Itely Hairfashion in corporate and promotional use. The BRAND BOOK is a useful tool for your business communication

Itely Hairfashion lines catalogue

Download Itely complete catalogue in PDF format

Colorly 2020 with ACP Complex

Download the presentation folder of the new COLORLY 2020 CON ACP COMPLEX

Aquarely IMP

Download the presentation folder of the new AQUARELY IMP

Delyton Advanced

Download Delyton Advanced brochure languages ENG / DEU / AR / RUS / CN


Download Procolorist brochure


Download Blondy brochure

Light + Passion

Download brochure Light+Passion


Download brochure Riflessi


Download Proshape brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Synergicare Color Xtend

Download Synergicare Color Xtend brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Synergicare Immediate Repair

Download Synergicare Immediate Repair brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Synergicare Istant Smooth

Download Synergicare Instant Smooth brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Synergicare Perfect Curls

Download Synergicare Perfect Curls brochure languages ENG / DEU / AR / RUS / CN

Synergicare Energy Response

Download brochure Synergicare Energy Response

Synergicare Dandruff Defence

Download brochure Synergicare Dandruff Defence

Synergicare Sebo Balance

Download Synergicare Sebo Balance brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Synergicare Sun Emotion

Download Synergicare Sun Emotion brochure languages ITA / ENG / FRA / ESP / POR

Milano Collection 2015

The city of Milan, seen through the eyes and the imagination of famous star-architects, is experiencing the thrilling adventure of Expo 2015.For this special occasion, Milan is showing a modern and futuristic face. Its profile is the backdrop to the images accompanying the new styles, the hairstyles and the innovative techniques for the colors of the new Collection of Itely Hairfashion, bursting with useful information to support the professionalism of hairstylists

La dolce vita from Rome

The journey of Itely Hairfashion through the most beautiful cities in Italy continues. After visiting Portofino, the Milanese shopping streets, the romantic city of Venice and the art of Florence, this time we stop in Rome, known as the capital of two states, because it is the only city in the world to host a State within its boundaries: the enclave of Vatican City, the heart of Catholic Christianity, with a central Piazza San Pietro and the Vatican Museum

Florence in my mind Collection 2013

Itely Hairfashion continues its travels through Italys most beautiful cities; this time we take you up the Arno River to Florence, where Made in Italy is more than just an idea

Venezia Movement Collection Spring Summer 2012

The new collection MOVEMENT, set in the romantic city of Venice, reflects the trend setters desire to keep up with the continuous changes in fashion. The haircuts and colors presented for the Spring/Summer season offer contemporary looks, customized and glamorous, evoking spontaneous beauty and featuring soft textures that emphasize the natural movement of hair. Innovative techniques of coloring have been used to enhance the hair, boost personality and emphasize the uniqueness of each face; the look incorporates a natural flair, instinctively pure and feminine. The textures are inspired by a natural style, utilizing ruffled looks that enhance the uncombed-like movement, and are reminiscent of an outof-bed hair look. The haircuts feature accentuated layers defined from the crown of the head to create a vivacious and irregular effect. The touches of color, cleverly overlaid in alternating sections, provide a blending effect to the color itself; the combination of nuances enhances the layered hair style and its natural movement, conferring a dynamic look

Milano Collection Fall Winter 2011 12

An extensive collection of color options for every type of cut, from bright reds to warm browns to sensual blond to give each client what they are looking for

Portofino Collection Spring Summer 2011

A wide range of color options for every kind of cut, which brings together originality and creativity. Because every woman is unique and deserves a hairstyle that has personality

Table Colorly 2020

Download table Colorly 2020 con ACP Complex

Table Aquarely

Download table Aquarely

Table Synergicare

Download table Synergicare

Itely Hairfashion accessories catalogue

Download Itely Hairfashion complete catalogue in PDF format

Itely Hairfashion Certifications

Product quality must be built during the production process, not only monitoring the fi nal results but also the various production phases.For this reason, the company has earned two important certifications

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