Creativity has no limits with the new colors by Itely Hairfashion
The most important aspect to be a great hairstylist is to recognize and satisfy every woman need.

Experience, technical expertise and knowledge of the latest trends help to create unique looks that enhance the identity of every person.

This winter, Itely Hairfashion, specialized in the creation and the production of exclusive coloring and cosmetic solutions for the hairstylists, offers great news to customize each hair look.

Aquarely Ultra Red and Colorly 2020 Ultra Red

The Aquarely and Colorly 2020 lines are enriched with 5 vibrant and intense shades of red, from copper to purple. Intense, fiery and vibrant colors that lead to a completely customized service.  Your shade of red will be unique and special.

Download the official presentation of Aquarely Ultra Red

Download the official presentation of Colorly 2020 Ultra Red


Blossom is the new semi-permanent direct color, based on direct micro pigments, that deposit between the cuticle and the outer layers of the hair fiber, to transform the color service into a fantastic work of art. A Rainbow Palette with 7 unexpected shades for intense hair looks.

Download the official presentation of Blossom

Aquarely Intense Matt

This winter the new trends require cold and intense brown. Aquarely line is completed with 5 new Intense Matt shades, from light brown to light blonde for a chic and refined hair look. Aquarely Intense Matt nourishes the hair deeply thanks to the Wheat Proteins, counterbalances the red / orange / yellow melaninic base of the dark bases and attenuates golden reflections giving a matte effect.

Download the official presentation of Aquarely Intense Matt



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