The collection MOVEMENT, set in the romantic city of Venice, reflects the trend setter’s desire to keep up with the continuous changes in fashion. The haircuts and colors presented for the Spring/Summer season  2012 offer contemporary looks, customized and glamorous, evoking spontaneous beauty and featuring soft textures that emphasize the natural movement of hair. Innovative techniques of coloring have been used to enhance the hair, boost personality and emphasize the uniqueness of each face; the look incorporates a natural flair, instinctively pure and feminine. The textures are inspired by a natural style, utilizing ruffled looks that enhance the uncombed-like movement, and are reminiscent of an outof-bed hair look. The haircuts feature accentuated layers defined from the crown of the head to create a vivacious and irregular effect. The touches of color, cleverly overlaid in alternating sections, provide a blending effect to the color itself; the combination of nuances enhances the layered hair style and its natural movement, conferring a dynamic look.

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