Itely Hairfashion continues its travels through Italy’s most beautiful cities; this time we take you up the Arno River to Florence, where “Made in Italy” is more than just an idea. What better place than this extraordinary crucible of art, fashion, luxury and culture to present the new Itely Hairfashion 2013 collection? Inspired by the catwalks of the greatest stylists, enlightened by the Renaissance splendor of the city of Florence, the Itely woman is young, glamorous, cosmopolitan; she breathes the international air that has always characterized our company. Itely Hairfashion has offi ces all over the world: in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia and China; all with a single mission: supporting the work, creativity and professionalism of hairstylists the world over with trendy, contemporary proposals, suggestions to be reinterpreted and customized and off ered to clients in the salon. Choosing Itely Hairfashion means choosing Italian style.

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